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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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his spokesperson tells us that he expects it to be a normal monday. that might be wishful thinking. how many county executives show up wearing a monitoring bracelet? sources close to the investigation say that more arrests possibly this week in the case involving allegations
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against jack johnson and his wife, leslie. federal prosecutors say that the couple has been charged with illegally destroying and tampering with evidence. investigators are looking into allegations of johnson bribing some local developers. the couple is charged with trying to destroy a $100,000 bribery check and concealing almost $80,000 in her clothes. leslie johnson is due to be sworn in to the prince george's county council next month. both are free. >> i have three weeks to go, and i'm going to put all my effort into this defense and to take care of the defendants for the people of prince george's county. >> reporter: and mr. johnson will be the county executive until december 6, when he will turn his office over to baker. the county administration building, armando trull, 9news now. >> and county executive-elect, sharon baker, has scheduled a
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press conference at 5:00 tomorrow evening. we have continuing coverage of this story on our website, we posted the entire affidavit, pictures of johnson's arrest, and there's a place for you to leave your thoughts on the story. that's all on turning elsewhere, the search is on for the parents of a newborn who was found abandoned in the parking lot of a church in springfield, virginia this morning. surae chinn reports the parishioner found the baby girl just before sunday's mass. >> reporter: just before sunday's 7:00 a.m. mass, a parishioner found a duffel bag at the entrance of the church's parking lot. >> something i would say divine intervention, told that parishioner to stop and look in that bag and the parishioner found a crying baby, took the baby inside the church, called 911. >> reporter: the church says that the baby, only hours old, was wrapped in towels with the
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umbilical cord still attached. her face was blue. the newborn baby girl was found alive and well when she was taken to the hospital. they are glad that they found her when they did. they also want to remind people that the church is here for women in crisis. >> you want people to come to us to see the organization that's going to help them before they ever reach this moment of despair. >> there were a few oh mys. a few deep breaths. and the priest, obviously, he was a little emotional in delivering the news. >> reporter: police have now turned their attention to the help of the mother. >> she clearly did not deliver this baby in the hospital. so we need to make sure that we find her, make sure that she is okay. >> reporter: many of the states including virginia have a safe haven law that permits a mother to leave their newborn at the hospital's emergency room or a rescue squad with no questions asked. >> i'm sure that the mother understood the catholic church's position on pro-life and the sanctuary of life. >> reporter: in springfield, virginia, surae chinn, 9news now.
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>> surae said they took the infant to a nova hospital. the baby is in full-term suspense. the baby was only exposed to the elements of outside just for minutes before she was found. maryland allows a caretaker to drop a baby at a hospital or a rescue squad without fear or risk of criminal charges. in virginia, the child can be as old as 14 days when taken in and the district, the baby can be no older than one week. in the state of maryland, that caretaker only has three days after the child is born to take that baby to a hospital or rescue center. it's one of the largest cases of random vandalism in prince george's county. tonight, police are looking for two people that have been shooting out windshields with a bb gun. they have been tied to nearly 100 cases. police say they have not been
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able to catch the vandals because there is no pattern as to where they will strike next. a silver springs man is dead tonight after a fatal collision in bethesda that happened early this morning in the 4500 block of jones bridge road. 49-year-old, christopher rosales was killed when his cadillac cts crossed the center line and struck a honda. rosales was not wearing a seat belt. the woman driving the honda was hurt in the crash. we're told her injuries do not appear to be life threatening tonight. tomorrow, the house epics committee begins the trial of the once powerful new york democrat and former means committee chairman is charged with 13 counts of ethics violations, including tax evasion. and there are alsoallegations that they paid low market rates for the apartments. the 80-year-old says that he is confident that his name will be cleared. president barack obama is back in the white house tonight after the 10-day trip to asia that provided mixed reviews.
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he is back in south korea unable to get a free trade deal. he also failed to get a g20 summit leader to take a tough stand against china's policies. but the president was well received in indonesia where he lived as the boy ends in india where he hanged to get $10 billion in commercial deals. >> well, the president went on this mission because asia is the most vibrant market, growing market in the world. we want to compete for those jobs and that's why he went. his first stop was in india, a growing power in the world. and we saw american businesses walk away with $10 billion in new deals. >> president obama now turns his attention to congress and a personal battle over extending the bush era tax cuts. >> reporter: it is weird to walk the democratic path, we have to walk together. we need to bill together, pave together, carry the hope and expectations for the people is a burden. but i'm not afraid of the
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responsibility. >> the opposition leader through the chiefs, speaking to a crowd of some 5,000 supporters today. just hours after being freed from seven years of house arrest. and to fall for the democratic life in the military country, also known as berma, spending 15 out of the last 21 years in detention and near isolation, while under house arrest, she won the nobel peace prize in 1991. never-before-released justice department reports indicate the u.s. became a safe haven for the nazi war criminals after world war ii. the 600-page report was published today on the new york times website. the report says some nazis were allowed to immigrate to the united states for intelligence reasons. >> the intelligence agencies would want to do business with people that were involved in the worse look in the history of mankind. >> a strong burden on making it to the public. it's something that we could learn from our mistakes.
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>> the report does not mention the number of nazis allowed into the u.s. in 1979. the justice department created the office of specialinvestigations to identify and deport nazis. they have since reported the entry of another 200. the group of vietnam veterans visiting washington has returned home tonight, but their trip to the nation's capitol was not about some unexplained excitement. the veterans are celebrating a 40th reunion that they have just finished dinner on thursday night, heading to their hotel when their tour bus filled up with smoke bursting into flames. >> well, the flames are starting and then they grew pretty big and then that started exploding. >> i'm sure that they will not forget that. upgrading them to a stress hummer to finish their tour in washington. they spent another day touring the city before returning home safely. still ahead on 9news now this sunday night, what police found that makes them fear the
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worse of the three kidnapped victims. plus, winter worries as the temperature drops, the local neighborhood gets a repeat of last winter's frozen destruction. what they are trying to do about it. none of that for us this past week and a half. another 65-degree day that won't be as fridged of a start tomorrow morning. temperatures in the upper 30s to the lower to mid-40s. we're going to talk about an end to this great weather with our complete forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing
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switch to fios today, now with no term contract required. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. virginia legislatures are mourning the loss of the respected colleague tonight. lawmaker, w. hendry maxwell died this weekend after a battle with parkinsons and diabetes. hi retire -- he retired in 2003. fellow lawmakers are praising the lawmaker as a hard working legislature. a family mystery that investigators in ohio about 40 miles outside columbus, they are working around the clock to find a missing family. randall pinkston said they solved a big piece of the puzzle when they rescued one of the children and made an arrest. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t.
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team stormed this ohio home sunday morning. >> reporter: police arrested the 30-year-old, hoffman, charging him with kidnapping. >> they brought in a bunch of crime labs and vehicles and then they have been here ever since. >> reporter: investigators are still looking for the girl's 10- year-old brother, cody, her mother, tina herman, and her mother's friend. all four disappeared wednesday. herman was reported missing when she didn't show up for work at the local dairy queen. police found blood in her home. they located her pickup truck near the college campus on thursday night and locked down the school. the investigation lead police to hoffman's house about ten miles away where they found sarah. >> at this time we don't know if he is connected to the family or whether he connected himself to the family. >> reporter: the sheriff said that hoffman's mother and stepfather's house is within walking distance from the victim's home.
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he has a prior conviction for arson in colorado and so far is not cooperating with investigators. one neighbor says hoffman threatened her son. >> he is a weirdo. >> reporter: sarah is in good condition at the hospital and is talking to police. >> we're optimistic. we try to remain optimistic. >> reporter: the community is helping with the search for the three who are still missing. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> police expect that there will be additional charges against matthew hoffman, due in court for a bond hearing tomorrow. now, checking news where you live. a warning for motorists this week to buckle up. local police say that they are cracking down on drivers who are not wearing seat belts. a part of the annual click it or ticket campaign. not wearing a seat belt could mean a $25 ticket in maryland, a $50 ticket in dc and the state of virginia, drivers need to pull over for another offense first, but they will face a $25 fine if they are cited for not wearing the seat
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belt. and you've got a story on news tip? you can contact us be a part of the wusa9 team. coming down, a wedding canceled in the last minute. how the bride decided to make the best of it and help others out in the meantime. and also some changes in stored for us next week. devon is here with the cool forecast when we come back. with capital one bank's new checking with rewards, me and the lads earn rewards just for everyday banking. like writing checks. i found your problem. thank you.
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it was a good day for some russian explorers. they first returned today of the crew setting a new record for them. and we're the first world cruise that brought the ship ever for the shortest and the most dangerous reason and we just won that navigation season. the five-month journey took 109 days. during the trip, they had to sale through thick ice and be sur -- sail through thick ice and survive the storm in the baron sea. just a thought about walking down the aisle. when the groom walked away from the wedding in the very last minute, the bride made the day a special one for everyone else. she said that the wedding feast would not go to waste.
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>> she is a super giving young lady and when it was apparent we were not going to be able to do anything else, she said, you know dad, i want to feed the less fortunate. >> the bride and her team called the salvation army providing a holiday feast for the homeless in the area. down powerlines and utility lines during last year's winter storm. and one bethesda community, trying to prevent a repeat of what was happening last winter. so far, they are pleased for the help that has been eggnose -- has been ignored. they have left these power and utility lines close to coming down. the wires run parallel to the pipes between bellevue drive. >> we reported the issue to pepco, to comcast and to montgomery county because it's a public safety concern. >> it could potentially hurt someone, people walk their dogs here, they walk their kids around here constantly. if it came down, it could
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really do some damage. >> neighbors say if they pull the utility lines down, it will cause a domino effect, causing the telephone pole to come down. and the police put yellow tape around the area yesterday. residence are hoping that it is a sign that some action will be taken soon too. >> yes, i bet that bride is better off without that groom. >> when you get a lemon, you get a lemon around a big buffet. >> i'm sure. >> what does the weather look like? >> we're going to have an end to the great stint. just beautiful weather, temperatures in the 60s. it's been some cool starts, but we have had about a week and a half for this that you'll need to bring the storm system to this. let's see where we are with the temperatures and we'll get right into the forecast. we still have some 50s out there. reagan national, 51. and we're already at 53, still in hagerstown, still a little mild there. they are already down to 39. a lot of us will be cooling down. not quite as chilly as it has been though.
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satellite and the radar combined, just west of the leading edge of the showers coming in, dying out there are as they hit the blue ridge, the upper appalachian area. we're not going to see anything out of washington. it's later on in our tuesday forecast that's really going to come around. so what is coming this way makes the next storm system still okay tomorrow. a little cooler as we'll see. really, it's all about tuesday's forecast. at least we go to wednesday and everything is said and done with. at least we're going to have a quick moving system, right into. now, the future cast here, we still have a lot of sunshine amongst the clouds tomorrow. just a few of them out there. we're still seeing a mild day. temperatures are dropping a little bit more so over the last few days. here we are in the early morning hours. we could see a sprinkle, the first shot of the showers moving in. this is 2:00 on tuesday morning. very early in the morning hours throughout the morning hours, getting into the morning drive at 7:00, we'll stop them here in the morning hours. still a little light rain, showers, maybe a sprinkle here and there. it is not steady rain yet. we're going to hold that off until tuesday afternoon in the evening hours. that's when i think that will be the steady and moderate rain
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and the best shot coming in. and you go all the way into wednesday morning where we are finally done with that system. but take a look at our winds really pick up. actually, we will make for a mild day combined with the sunshine on wednesday. a fairly quick moving system for us. in the overnight forecast, one or two clouds are out there. it's chilly, cool, not quite as cold. the upper 30s into the lower to mid-40s. the coldest spots in montgomery county, fairfax county, in the upper 30s, working their way into the 40s there in the middle of washington. we'll take you to the forecast tomorrow morning, we'll slowly start to rise through the 40s as we're not climbing cold. then in the afternoon, a few clouds here and there. but we're still around 60 degrees, considering 58,59 the average high of this year. we'll take that depending on where you are. still a mild day before it all comes to an end. even in the zone forecast, blue ridge, a few degrees cooler in the 60s. 66 here in washington over towards the upper 50s to around 60 maybe here and there. big day tomorrow.
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when the cool starts, quickly up to 58 by noon hour and 5:00 we're up to 55. and of course, fedex field, we're hoping to hold the rain off and we will hold the rain off for monday night football. but there you see it all through tuesday into the early part of wednesday. secondary storm systems on thursday, really bringing some chilly air into friday. at least the sunshine is returning right back up to the near 60s by the weekend. >> all right. and tonight's hero central from the boys in the hood to our exaggerated media. young girls have something they could surely do without. one organization has pushed to save those female lives in more way than one. derek mcginty takes us inside the services of greater dc. >> reporter: these senior girls from dc's high school have a b- line on their goals and dreams in part because of what they don't have, kids. >> no one has a kid? >> no. >> so can we safely say that this helped keep that from
11:23 pm
helping? >> yes, most definitely. >> reporter: these three all say they owe a debt to the services sneakers program which they have been taking part in for years. once a week at school lunch hour, a program coordinator gathers groups of high school girls to talk, to share, to learn. job one, keep the kids from having kids. >> so we do a lot of work around that particular teaching them about contraceptives, about abstinence. >> you're going to study what in school? >> forensic sciences. >> i don't even hear about that. >> we take them to clinic visits, to actual colleges and universities to expose them to something different. we try also to expose them to different cultural things. >> reporter: so far the program is in seven area schools and it is helping to change the lives of more than 200 girls. and there is a similar program for young ladies who have
11:24 pm
already become parents. she says that the message is not all that different. >> we need something for the friends who try to encourage them and for some reason, they decided not to. they will see their lives going through different directions and they are really able to point back to the programs. hey, this is, you know, important for me and it will really help me. >> you're all going to college, and you know, how much credit did they deserve for that? >> a lot! >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9news now. >> it's been around for 123 years. at one time, there was a home for unwed pregnant girls. but since 1983, the group has been decidedly proactive on that situation. for a link to this organization, just to find out more information about any of the charities that we have been profiling, just go to our website, click on the hero central link. coming up, we'll take a look at sports plus.
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we're just a few minutes away with a preview. what can we do about michael vick tomorrow night? >> last night they knocked him out. i mean, they could knock him out again. it was an excellent solution last time. i don't know though because he has been playing lights out against everybody. if it wasn't for the bye week, donovan mcnabb's whole thing would be ancient history now. instead, we had two full weeks to talk about it and talk about the multiple explanations that mike shanahan has given for it. do you hear that? i had a little thing there. but tomorrow, we'll see what laughing impact, if any, that they had on the one guy that matters, donovan himself. it will be take two for mcnabb against his former team from philly. but that's hardly the story line, is it? rather it is all about how complicated the relationship has now become against the veteran quarterback and his super bowl winning coach. each of whom need each other, but neither whom necessarily trust each other fully as the 4- 4 redskins team reaches a crucial turning point in its
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season. >> everyone wants to be a little further ahead. i mean, you know, i would love to be sitting here. and allowed to be sitting here at 6-2, but you know we're 4-4. that's where we are right now and we know and recognize what happened. it is important for us to go out and change it. >> donovan speaks a whole lot better than i do. >> we have a full preview of monday night's matchup tomorrow. including the cowboys, surprising resurgents up in the meadow land today. they played in jacksonville. you won't believe it. on the ice, the caps entered today without a regulation loss in the month of november. and they ended the day that way as well. their explosion at the phone booth. plus, gary williams and the turns are giving some rough treatment to the black bears of maine. but this coming thursday, they will be worried about that. we'll have much more when the guys join us for sports plus in five minutes. first that happens every sunday night, the top 25 coaches poll for college football has just
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been released. here is a sneak peek for you. >> here is your u.s.a. today top 25 coaches poll presented by spring. the now network. >> oregon misses a late field goal, ducks 15, bears 13. the win keeps oregon in top at this week's poll. auburn stays right behind them for the win in georgia. tcu and boise state switch spot. oklahoma state jumps into the top ten this week after blowing out texas in austin. missouri jumps four spots following their win against kansas state. and texas leads up six spots and iowa polls 7th. the win puts the wildcats in this week's top 25 along with miami. utah barely holding on. dropping to 24th after a loss out there to watch this week for the big ten against the buckeyes in iowa city. plus number nine nebraska travels to texas while virginia tech is looking to rev up the agency coastal for the win over miami. >> that's your u.s.a. today top 25 coach's poll
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presented by sprint. the now network. well there is your poll. if you have an extra week to plan for a team that you have already played once this season, you should win that game, right? playing at home? >> i mean, if the redskins win a few more games, we are not talking about mcnabb and the coach. >> winning solves everything. >> absolutely right. what does it look like tomorrow? >> still good. 60 degrees. then the rain comes on tuesday. >> that's 9news now. sports plus is coming up next. [ telephone ringing in distance ] [ male announcer ] movies just got more awesome. download and watch them on the go at 4g speeds. with the epic 4g, the smartphone ranked number 1 by pcworld. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities, access
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